Friday, March 4, 2011

| 04032011 | * Never Give Up.

class as usual. class end, met up puiyi and rush to mid valley. for what? for working. LOL! i know we're kinda *ehem* but yes we really did that. pity puiyi not feeling well and keep sitting at the corner and zinnie find people to replace her and she got no salary for today :(

the place there was very small, even i dont know where should i stand and where should i be. i dislike this kind of feeling :( and at first the boss didnt care us, didnt talk to us :( i feel so not comfortable, and therefore i asked zinnie find people replace me for tomorrow and sunday as well.

after she found people replace me, the boss only joke with us, and only i know that the GPS we sell has commission, awww! :'( why should i because of the place is small and i give up my 2 days salary, cost RM300 weih. WTH! :(

very regret after that. ishh. i shouldnt do that, i cant do that anymore, cannot! dont give up :(

but there are something happy for me today. 4 different customers praise my promote skills, they said i very clever on promoting. last time didnt have customer say that to me, but this time 4 people said that to me, IN A DAY. i was wondering, is it my skill really improve? :D very happy for that! :)

9pm, finish work. met alvin, awyong, alex and marcus, had dinner at food court. after that, sent puiyi home, then im home too. tiring day! x(


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