Sunday, March 6, 2011

| 06032011 | * PC Expo 2011.

woke up at around 9am. HONESTLY, i dont know what the hell am i doing at that time. guess what, i was STARING AT THE CLOCK until pukul SEBELAS which is 11 O' CLOCK. WHAT THE HACK AM I DOING?! -.-

OKAY WELL, maybe i had quite a long time never stare at the clock looking at the long thingy tic tok and tic tok. *WTF* -.-" then, finally get up and brush teeth, wash face, change clothes and went out with mua family and sister's boyfee. went somewhere had breakfast :)

around 12pm, left and went home. sit for a really little while, then im out again. =p pick puiyi up and went mid valley! find parking for MORE THAN HALF AN HOUR, as you know mid valley is always FULL. WTH.

went in the PC EXPO and its so freaking crowded. even you cant breathe. =x went in and go for 1 round, then come out already. HAHA. go out and yamcha, walk walk here and there. until at night only we went there with teckseang again.

around 9pm, left and sent puiyi home. then im home too :)

and i realize i have a nice clock,
aaaaha ;D


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