Tuesday, March 8, 2011

| 08032011 | * Bad News? :[


Went college early and do whatever thing in starbucks. Get chances to try their new food, birthday donut something :D not bad, yumyum. but expensive! yes i knew starbucks nothing cheap :) and guess they are going to come out a new flavour of coffee? cause saw them mixing this and that, testing this and that. its just next to my table :D

10am, went journalism class as usual. and also the time passed so damn slow as usual. -.-" after that, PR we're always like learn NOTHING. phews =/

after that, had lunch in Mc Donalds with the girls and some of the IT guys. how long we never sit together and makan together ya? :) after that, went home.
took 2 hours nap and feel so not enough. HAHA. planned to go kaijin's house but who knows he not free, ishh. i cant sleep back already. =S

got information about someone, knowing that he changed his gym branch to a very far place. the point i wanted to say is we will not meet each other often again. from the day i knew he staying there, i already know he actually hardly come back, and we hardly meet up. honestly, im missing him, definitely missing him.


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