Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday Party!! *\\23.01.2010//*

Having Birthday Party in my house today.
invited my friends and have fun just like a gathering.
receive presents and some hugging from my friends.
thanks a lot.

after my party ends,
went second round to station 1 cafe and yam cha with the dudes.
and after that we went puteri mountain and see the Puchong view.
its so nice but i guess the mosquito there having party also.
they bite me!

i have fun and i enjoy my today.

thanks for the presents and thanks for coming my party.

- crapping.

- get ready for singing birthday song. :)

- obviously i am happy because of the cutie cake. :D

- Lobak Tan Happy 18th Birthday. :)

- putting the candles. :D

- Ronald help me to light it up. :)

- sing sing sing.

- wish wish wish.

- dont wanna cut my cutie cake. xD

- finally cut it.

- see the scar..

- my sister so happy because of helping me to cut the cakes and my friends sang birthday song again to my sister. xD


- mat and me.

- college. :)

- catholic. :)

- seksyen 4. :)

- leepeng and me.

- amanda and me.

- my sister and me. :)

thanks for accompany me when i am unhappy.
thanks for staying beside me.

- by kellye tan

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