Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Today *\\21.01.2010//*

mama mia.
going to end my today again.
left few more hours then it's another day again.
day by day,
past sooo fast like Ferrari.

so we back to the topic,
met my darlings today,
puiyi, amanda and teck seang.
so long didnt meet amanda up.
finally i see you!
have a short while chatting outside and inside inti.

after chian reached,
we go into the class together again.

having mass communication class as usual for 2 hours.
after that then the suffering english class for 2 hours again.
she is so strict weih.
always stress me up and scare me.
so not enjoying my english class.
and i got punishment have to bring 2 sweets for her on the next class.

after her class and we have the malaysian studies class again,
and i am dreaming again,
and i dont understand everything again and again.
let's die.

after that,
break time!
go for lunch with the classmates which mean 10 people included me.
and after that we back to inti,
met up jason, puiyi and teck seang for a little while again.
talk some craps,
and after that back to the class and it's D.I.E subject.

after an hour,
we will have 10 minutes break and because of i not really understand,
i leave my place and walk to front and ask my lecturer about what i dont understand.
and i realize some attitude from one of my friends.
wouldn't tell out here but makes me feel so hate it.
no next time.

after the class,
end class for today.
went Giant with mami and buy some stuffs.
and after that i went home.

Happy Birthday Evelyn!
Happy Birthday Chun Yan!

- by kellye tan

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