Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.03.2010//*

It's Mass Comm Day 2010 Dude!

we wear semi formal and the committees wear formal.
kinda enjoy the event,
especially the drama part,
really laugh out loud.
damn funny. and of course i saw my Baby there.
happy plus happy,
im very happy.

mass comm day end at 4pm.
then me and my girls went for lunch and after that went to lab for our DIE assignment.
i still haven start yet.

a complicated feeling is in my heart.
actually i was so hope that mass comm day end faster because my baby wont be so busy and lack of time to be with me.
but another thing is,
i dont hope it end so fast because i was so enjoying during the event,
because i can see baby, this is his last semester.

- Hitz FM.

- can you see me behind there? ><

- can you see me now? xD

- hellooooo! xD

- chian's. =)

- mine. =)

- opening ceremony!

- woops, closing ceremony and group picture!

- baby's work is there! xD

- kell and chian in lab. x)

- kellyeeeeee.

*photos credits from christin lim.

- by kellye tan

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