Wednesday, March 3, 2010

▪ how i feel.

Luckily i am patient and i read through.
I understand you more.
I know what is your goal.
I know why.

I find out,
I find out that i am actually so in love with you.
Luckily before this,
I still decide to believe.
that's fate.

Relation is not one person's thing but it's about me and you.
I want you to guide my way, only you but no others.

I shouldn't think that way. I know your goal now. I am sorry, sometimes you do apologize to me too. But it doesn't mean i am right. It means that we actually value our relationship.

I like you. I admire you. I love you. I loved you. That is only between me and you. From the day of knowing you, i like you. From the day of liking you, i admire you. From the day of admiring you, i love you. And from the day of i loving you, i am totally lost and i considered fall in love with you.

My most Beloved JeremyChua Y.W,
loveyou now and always i do.

True words,
by kellye tan

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