Friday, March 5, 2010

My Today *\\05.03.2010//*

hang out after class with the girls.
yilin, chian, joyi and huibin.
to celebrate yilin's belated birthday.
went for amp square for sing k.
enjoy a lot inside the room.
have many different and different feeling for me while singing.

thanks for everything.

after that,
some of them went home one by one.
me and huibin went for next round,
watch movie.

well the movie is funny and i will buy the movie back home,
for my parents to watch.
after movie,
met up my sister,
went popular book store and spent a lot of time inside there.
and then we went home.

for more photos,
click here to view it.
im kinda lazy to upload it.
or i should say i've got no time.

- by kellye tan

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