Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Today *\\30.03.2010//*

finally mass comm assignment due,
actually i dont know what research am i doing,
my girls too.
even seniors and baby dont understand what the topic mean.
what the hack.

by the way,
miss elli brought us to see our senior's graduation commencement's speech.
who knows,
once i enter the hall,
it's my baby presenting.
know what?
his mind totally blank.
and he start to nervous and forgot everything.
is my fault right?

well he never blame.
after classes,
went eat bak kut teh with chian, yilin and lam.
chian and yilin overnight at my house to do our IT assignment which is due tomorrow.
im always rushing things that due for the next day,
busy right?

chian drove us home.
shower and online for a little while,
then we went old town white coffee to do our assignment research and drink tea,
the tea that i always drank and never sleep.
around 1am,
yilin drove us back home CAREFULLY.
she's so serious because it's late at night and many words from calvin and me.
so we have to drive CAREFULLY and see CLEARLY around us.
thanks to yilin.

and start doing the assignment.
chian group with me and so that we're easily done because we both are together.
too bad that joyi cant overnight at my house,
because joyi group with yilin.
yilin was sitting all the while and look like dreaming.
she's getting more sleepy and sleepy because she hardly communicate and discuss with joyi.

we do the assignment until around 6am,
because of the old town tea,
it really works.
always stay me awake.

guess tomorrow will be dying style,
hope that we will have chance to play again!

- see my cute handwriting and the cute botak zaii. xD

- playing around.

- hope that flies never get into our mouth. xD

- =)

- by kellye tan

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