Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Today *\\11.03.2010//*

It's 11 of March..
it's result day and also me and my baby's first month anniversary.

early in the morning and i opened up my eye,
im going to get my result today..

went to school and meet up my friends,
talking around and the mamak damn noisy.
it's normal, i know.
everyone is asking for the next outing but some of them have to go for second badge NS and some of them got class, for example me.

went in school and saw many people taking photos with friends around.
me too but not that much.
met the LM committees and some of the juniors, teachers and so on.
but still..
nothing much.

wait wait wait wait and wait..
until everyone of my friends from other school got their result loooong time ago..
around 1.30am,
finally we got our result.
i damn scare,
not dare to open up and see.
so i decide to see one by one.

damn i got SEVEN CREDITS!!
should i be happy or sad?
my brain is still interpreting about my emotions.
i called my baby and told him and second i called my mum.
my mum was happy and i dont know how exactly i feel.
but after talking with my baby i was crying.
my mum was very happy and i told her i dont wanna go to TARC.
and she said go home only talk about these.

yes i did sad for a few hours.
wendy sent me to Jojo's Pan Mee.
thanks weih but your driving skill is really so damn ganas..

met my dears up and not eating much because of the result.
and because i cried,
my eyes very tired.
read through the DIE test and went for test.
then finish up my test and met up my baby.

how long i never see him?
yes i did see him actually but didnt really talk to him.
i miss him weih.

after that chian sent me and JJ to sunway pyramid.
thankssss again!
then we plan to watch 72 that movie cause he havent watch yet.
i already watch but i prefer watch again also dont wanna go redbox.
i got no sound larr.
but then the movie never show in cinema already.
so he walk himself and i met my secondary friends and went redbox.
i pay for eating, sleeping and listen song only.
got no sound to sing.
i did sing 2 songs.

during sleeping,
i was thinking a lot of things.
i was thinking why my mum so happy when i got 7 credits.
then i know..
i recall back what she told me before my SPM..
she said my brother got less than 5 credits and my sister.. i forgot.
and she's like..
5 credits is very hard to take and because i always fail subject in my school exam.
and i always didnt study, always computer..
then i know why she's so happy.
maybe i told her that i dont wanna go TARC she will feel like..
very heart pain?
i dont know.

but of course if she ask me,
i will just tell her..
'' If you let me choose, of course i hope that i still staying in Inti, but if you wanna change my college, whatever then. ''
then walk away.
cool right?
wtf that's just my draft in my mind.
i hope she can really understand me nor.
secondary like that..
i hope she will remember how i feel when im in secondary.
i hope she thinks of my feeling also nor..
but still whatever ba.
i am tired of the life of changing here and there.
i dont wanna give a damn with it anymore.

it's 1 month anniversary.
I want it to be forever.
and i believe it will be forever.

- cards.

- kellyeeee. :)

- kell, huilin, wendy.

- kell, amanda, puiyi, wendy.

- kell and amanda. :)

- ronald, kell. :)

- kell and puiyi. :)

- ronald, kell, puiyi. :)

- ronald, amanda. :)

- by kellye tan

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