Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Today *\\04.03.2010//*

what a day.

usually thursday is my most tiring day compare with other weekdays.
but i am not today.
know why?
maybe this is because i met my baby today, finally.
he's making me worry for few days yaa?

mass comm class is the first class,
although the lecturer makes me feel so dislike her,
although the way she teach some of us is like so slightly different with other students,
although i dislike to see her,
although i am not enjoying her class, at all,
but half way she talking,
i will still smile.
i smile not because of the things she said makes me feel so nice,
i smile because i saw you.
the feeling is really so..
hardly describe,
but i am happy, i am happy and i am happy.

it's the most vomiting english class.
but she is so nice to us today.
basically she didnt really teach today.
we only discuss some assignments in class,
and some of them playing facebook some more.

and she asked us about is she fierce?
and yes she is.
honestly, she is.
and she accept the fact, she is strict.
but she said that's for our good,
yes i agree with her.
and she said she'll try to being nice to us,
she'll try to entertain us.

her word really change me,
or maybe only today?
i'm not sure but yes,
i dare to joke with her today,
and i dare to tell out my idea in my mind.
some of the idea i keep in my mind,
and she tells the same idea, too.
i realize im not that weak with my brain also, right?
i still that creative.
*being perasan again.*

but yes she's really good of she being nice to us.
i'm paying full of concentration..
at the beginning only.
half way then i was thinking someone and i smile again,
get pulled by his blur face.

after that,
malaysia studies,
a bored subject and i dont give a damn with it.
then we girls went pizza hut and have lunch together.
as they know,
i dislike to eat fast food,
they also asked me for permission?
they are really good,
that's why i love them.
but it's okay,
i took spaghetti there.
and we're so full.

then the last class we have is DIE,
not really paying attention.
sms-ing with baby, chian that sitting beside me and joyi that sitting behind me.
we're so lame.
why are we sms even we're sitting so near?
to kill boredom.
and it's free,
why not?
we're sms-ing to discuss about tomorrow's outing!

tomorrow we girls will hang out to sunway pyramid to celebrate the damn belated birthday girl- YiLin's birthday!
sorry for being so, so late to celebrate with you.
because we're really busy,
you understand right?
we plan to wear high heels together and also something like dress?
chian said,
how short you wanna wear also can!
what a adorable babe.

tomorrow we will go for sing k!
finally i can open my mouth and sing loud loud, tomorrow.

i am really very, very happy today.
even i only saw you for few seconds?
but we sms quite a lot compared with past few days.
very happy!

i want to go SHE Concert, badly.

- by kellyetan

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