Friday, March 26, 2010

My Today *\\26.03.2010//*

it's Friday again!
what a busy week.
rushing all the assignments until what my mum also i cannot recognize.

finally done english group assignment,
english presentation,
IT test and Malaysian Studies test.
walao ehh.

next week im surely dying weih.
all the mass comm assignments, projects and a lot more!

and our multi purpose hall held the reconnect exhibition.
it's mass comm senior organize if im not mistaken.
took some pictures with my mates and lecturer.
love them lots!

- seniors and lecturer. =)

- me, chian, JJ, yilin, miss elli, jason and jonathan. =)

- doing assignment at starbucks again. x(

* credits photos from JC and Jason Tan.

- by kellye tan

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