Friday, March 5, 2010

▪ random post

it's a new day and it's a early morning.
what a big big yawn.

i couldnt sleep well these days,
even i nap,
i closed my eyes and passed for half an hour to an hour.
i didnt really sleep.
that's why i am so tired.

and yesterday or i meant just now, midnight?
i slept at 1am and i hardly can sleep.
my beloved sister,
she is so.. nice to me today.
shw went out with her boy and forgot the bring her key back.
my brother was awake but she dont call him.

not only she called me,
one of my friend called me too.
and i woke up because of my 014 number rang.
i thought it was my baby but it's my sister.
ask me to open the door.

walk to downstairs with the half open eye,
and open the door.
and walk back to the room,
and know what?
i cant sleep.
it's like..
bad words wanna come out from my house.
i am so tired man!

during the time i was trying to sleep back,
i got a called from my friend,
OMG he is so freaking unhappy weih.
make me feel so sad also.
i'm so worry about him nar.
why does the girl dont know how to appreciate him?
why does the girl who step out the first step and she is the the one who request for the last step?
love is sooo complicated,
i understand.
but anyhow,
i hope everything goes well.
take care kayy?

conclusion is,
i 4am only sleep.
and this morning i actually plan to wake at 7am but end up i woke at 8am.
thanks to my sister.
make me so tired.
okayy nar i am not blaming her nar.
but next time please remember bring your key home.

currently in lab class.
will come back again.

- by kellye tan


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