Thursday, July 14, 2011

| 14072011 | * Happy Birthday JJ!

well, everyone did not sleep well; due to the nervous :) i sleep like around 130am and 3am i was awake. i was awake by a smell of chicken flavor maggie. i guess im hungry, yes i am .__. the smell seriously woke me up :( and i cant back into my sleep. therefore i opened up my laptop and start practice again. 

5 something early morning, make up and get ready for everything. 6am, called chian and wake her up. then drove to college area. had our breakfast in AC. and then we back to starbucks. start preparing and practice again and again. 

around 9 plus, start my very first presentation. according to miss's comment, overall is not so bad. luckily not many people in ze classroom. 

then ze second presentation was still okay as well. still, only the few of us in ze classroom. finally end and hooray! :D

went Sunway Pyramid with chian, yilin, huibin and ze birthday boy - JJ..!! went Sushi Zanmai to celebrate his birthday.

then look for camera for a little while, then we left. went home and rest a while. then out with Chian and Lek to Station One yamcha :) we're home around 2 something midnight, and Chian overnight mua house :)

Happy Birthday JJ! :)


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