Sunday, July 24, 2011

| 24072011 | * Movie! :)

Hello! :)

woke up at 2pm, had mua brunch and went out visit and bring food for ma mum. chat with her until around 5 something, brother and his girlfee came and i left. went home, pack my stuffs and went out pick up puiyi.

went ioi boulevard - Kissaten; japanese food. it dont taste good and extremely expensive. im not going there anymore :(

7 something, went ioi mall, walk walk and buy movie tickets on 940pm- Mr. Propper's Penguin. then still walking around, buy snacks to spend our time.

movie ends at 1115pm, back to her house and imma overnight her house today again! went her house blogging but her line darn slow, faster change unify ya! xD she sure scolding me when she reading here. :p cause my house's internet having problem :(

so i blogged a few post, then watch movie and sleep! :)

- bought 2 polo T :)

- good night! :)


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