Monday, July 25, 2011

| 25072011 | * First Korean Lesson.

woke up and went chatime with puiyi. i mean i drop her and she buy for me. HAHAHAHA. after that we went to ioi mall eat mum mum - sushi king :)

around 5pm, home and wait for mua sixta. then went subang together. puiyi met her boyfee and me and mua sixta went for the very first time korean class. korean is a kinda difficult language. i learn until abit blur blur .___.

after class, went street cafe with sixta and we shared a meal. damn spicy but i feel excited. then had tutti frutti. after that went to fetch mua mum home. then i pack stuffs and went chian's house overnight together with yilin as well :)

i blogged and they movie until around 3 something, then we sleep :)


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