Monday, July 11, 2011

| 11072011 | * Happy Birthday Aldex :)

this morning, there is a gift on my table - *CHANG CHANG* a gift from mua mum, ze chocolate :) although i dont like chocolate very much, but so sweet and its melting my heart 


today, went MidValley watch Transformer 3D together with Chian, Fei, Clvin, Andrew and Lek. well, awesome movie! :D after movie, plan plan and think think. final decision we had our dinner at SS15 a korea cuisine beside Mc Donald's, upstairs. with YCM as well. to celebrate Fei's birthday; Happy Birthday :)

- toboki

second round at Club 9 pool with Ellane and Sheng as well. celebrate with cakes. late night, home :)

- sheng and fei :)

- calvin and fei :)


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