Saturday, January 15, 2011

| 15012011 | * Working Day 2

hello! :)

its another day of working. imma working with puiyi today because they realize only me and the lazy ass is not enough! and the lazy ass is lazy! so got him or no him, i dont mind at all. im tired, but know quite alot of people in this fair, dont know why =x maybe they are friendly?

the fatty did alot thing make me angry today. basically i hate his everything. he could be lazy and esurient. guess what, he curi makan our potato chips that bought from Jusco. WALAO! i didnt notice that but puiyi told me that. she only ate 1 piece and left less than half pack. WAO or is there any invisible people there we dont know? WTF man WTF!

after work, puiyi's baba sent me home. thankiew again uncle, mafan sai :)





BTW how do you think about my long tail eye line? HAHA. alot people like WAO! LOL x)

* hiak hiak hiak *

going to have sexy sound soon =/

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