Monday, January 24, 2011

| 24012011 | * The Green Hornet by Nuffnang :]

class as usual. left my house around 10.30am but my class is 12pm, because of the parking! always no parking and traffic jam like hack. turn 1 round, and when the second round, a guy macam looking at me but dont know is it looking at me, pointing at his car. i dont know what he is mentioning about but the first thing i did is SIGNAL! i dont care, i want parking :'( then he very fast reverse and the place is obviously mine. awww meaning he is telling me, its me! x) its a red Myvi. ohmygod really thanks alot, i feel so touched at that moment, really so thanks to him. 10 people there, 9 people wont be telling you there is a parking if he want to reverse his car out. the percentage of 1 over 10, i got it! im lucky today ;)

after that, went in college and the elevator is waiting for me. as the inti-ans know, the elevator of inti would only be you waiting for them but not they wait for you. but today, miracle happens! the elevator waited for me! and straight to the level, what a lucky me :)

went to class, listen to the boring class. after that went AC eat my lunch. im alone and luckily puiyi accompanied me x) around half an hour later, she went back class and i went study room do my stuffs and waited for chian.

4pm, went MPW which is BM class. boring class again. still, it ended early :) after that, chian and me went mid valley megamall to watch The Green Hornet premiere screening by Nuffnang because of my last few post contest and i've got 2 free tickets :) thanks Nuffnang anyway :) sorry to my yilin dear because the tickets are limited, i am so sorry; if there's a next , you'll be the next :)

movie starts on 9pm and end at around 11pm. went home and wait for lek to pick up chian. then i shower, pack my stuffs, bloggie :)

- our dinner? ;)

- chian and me ;)

- hyper-ing x)

- thanks Nuffnang :)

Kell :3