Monday, January 10, 2011

| 10012011 | * College Reopen! :]

this is the day im wait'n for! finally this is the day! woohoo! x) went college quite early because wanted to change my section for the classes. and also because of JJ's call and woke me up. :'( went college and they are already in the class and the class is scary so i didnt enter. im wait'n outside and luckily puiyi accompany me. x) i also accompanied her for the enrollment lahh. x) after that, 12pm and its my class. went class and kinda boring because the lecturer is talking all about the movies and dramas which i never watch before and i dont know who's the producer and the actors' name. :'( i could yawn but i couldn't open my mouth, so i can just only let the tears come out from my eye. HAHA.

after the class, chian and yilin went for job interview and so im still alone. knew that puiyi's classes is just next to me and knew that they are taking IT lectured by Miss Maha. since im alone, and its the first day and i expect not many students will be in the classes, so i plan to join and ask miss to let me stay there. MANA TAU, it's a big big big big class. im so scared btw. x( luckily miss didnt asked me to introduce myself. Heeeeeee! ;D

alright skip that part because nothing important. went AC eat mum mum because im starving! eat very fast and yummy! xD after that, went fei's house and leave them chian's file and text book, sent puiyi and teckseang back home. then i back home as well.

OH NO! its raining! :( you guys know i dislike raining, even i hate that, especially when im driving x( but still i manage to go home, but i not manage to get down from the car. zzz, i stay inside the car and listen to music and at the half way, nokia tune rang and i wonder why. guess what, teckseang's phone left inside my car! new phone weih! and he didnt even realize, i guess he cant eat prawn as well. LOL. i really no comment when puiyi told me he never realize his phone lost. =="

when the rain goes small a little bit, i went down and back into my home. but still, im getting wet. :(

- I love see the rain drops flow like this. x)

- and when the water is been wipe over. x)

- staying in car. T.T

- teckseang's phone. LOL.

- by kellyetan

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