Sunday, January 16, 2011

| 16012011 | * Last Day of Working

Hello again :)

obviously showing you guys that im effing tired of working. see my eye, see my skin, OMG its all in bad bad and serious condition :(

you see you see! BAD BAD CONDITION.

this morning, jason sent me and puiyi to work. because of the last day, we shout and tried our best for our work. know what? the fatty make me and puiyi angry. i guess puiyi is very angry with him. LOL. because he cant be heal. i just dont understand why this type of people can still surviving in this world. one word describe - HOPELESS.

there's a P1 Wimax sales guy needda buy GPS and he's fans of Papago. he wanted to buy for around 10 units. and this lazy ass, he have commission and we did not have. he's a big big huge huge and giant liar! i hate him seriously i hate him. because of the commission, he told that guy that we have commission. what the hack? we worked, we sell and he is the one who got commission. FUCK OFF! he talked to him in front of us, saying that we have commission. me and puiyi is really angry and said that we DID NOT have commission at all. then the lazy ass keep yeah yeah they did have they did have. why he did this? because if the business deal, he will get 10 GPS' commission, that's why.

we go one side and told the guy that we did not have commission and dont have to listen what he said. whathehackstupidchickenbarbequepork. and i will never forget, today i see how esurient he is. puiyi's parents bought some mini biscuit for us and he want it from us. i act like i never seen. and we left it on the table. then both of us look at him. his hand is at the biscuit area and his eye is looking behind. i going to laugh already. because its really funny of looking people that elder than us and steal out food eat. LOL. i feel that's a joke! A BIG JOKE! he knew we're looking at him and his hand move to his bottle place and get his water and drink.

after that, puiyi keep the biscuit in my bag. and know what? we counted already how much biscuit in the plastic bag. so if lost 1 we also will know. PLEASE LAH! how old already. still such a kids. want food then GO BUY LAHH!

seriously seriously and i take this very serious. I hate him pretty much! more than i can say. LOL. if there are job that i have to work with him, i dont wanna take the job. because ihatehimihatehimihatehimihatehimihatehim..............


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