Saturday, January 29, 2011

| 29012011 | * Happy Birthday to Me :]

Happy Birthday to Me :)

Had steamboat with 2 batch of mua close friends which is secondary and college :)
1pm starts with the secondary friends. they are puiyi, teckseang, jeeseng, amanda, huilin, kaijin, zhihong, jiayong and youxiang. steamboat steamboat, chat chat, movies, cards and cake. like what chinese new year and birthday should do.

around 6pm, some of them left. puiyi, teckseang and jeeseng left at around 6.30pm. before they left i actually hide inside kitchen ready food for the next session already. some of them eve finding me. heheh ;D

selepas itu, i got not much time to do other stuffs. i feel so damn freaky sticky. so i wipe my body and face, shoulders, hand, legs, here and there. LOL. then change a skirt :) get ready to welcome my college friends :) they are jasongoh, chian, yilin, hong, lek, andrew, yuanyuan, kahsiang, sheng. calvin and yannie came late because they came after work.

guess what? the electric something burnt. LOL i mean the plug. i was kinda pissed of at that time. cause im tired and hot. then they all help me pindah all the stuffs inside the house. thanks to all :) and im so sorry for the cacat serving by me. LOL. i mean i didnt really serve you guys. everything you guys self service, please forgive then im tired =/

as usual, steamboat, cards, movies and cakes. took some photographs by calvin and my bro. thanks all. and thanks my brother gave me an i pod as my present, this is totally surprise! :)

and of course, thanks to the bag, cup, saving coins, wine, champaign, facial stuffs, Lilo aka stitch. thanks for all and also the wishes through sms, calls, facebook, msn, blogs, tweet, face to face. thankiew and really appreciate! :)

thanks for friendship hugs from amanda, chian with kisses, yilin with kisses, jason with kisses, andrew, hong. :) FYI, i loved to be cuddle by people cause i feel good :)

Conclude with THANKS! KAMSAHAMIDA :)

- thanks to kakak for helping the whole day!

sorry, more photos have not been uploaded :)


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