Friday, December 24, 2010

| 24122010 | * Christmas Eve!

Hello Peeps! guess what? it's christmas eve today! BUT!! i gotta work. LOL. nolahhh cant blame, i can dont take the job and go to celebrate but i did not do that. LOL. i found out i am lonely and boring. i got no outing and no party. LOL. work luhhh. =/

i work for alex. selling ink and printers plus free gift. =/ who am i working with? puiyi, jasmine, leong, jiayong and kaijin. and other 2 girls which is younger than us but LCLY. they are really so fucking LCLY. being friendly is like killing them badly like that. WTF. respect lah please. we are 18 okay. you girls SPM result also haven come out. *cekik sampai mati*

anyway today's work is still so boring. perhaps its friday. =/ and this exhibition macam dont really get people's attention. not really many customers and therefore, we are boring. wanna die. LOL.

after work, we all the 18 went asia cafe to had our dinner. after that sent them home. we countdown in the car. it's like.. 12am, merry christmas! then byebyeee. that kind of thing. wahahha ;D sounds like so.. *ehem* but it isnt bad. i got you guys' wishes. :)

after that, i went home, shower and rest. :)

- the work place.

- leong. :)

- finish work! :)

- Merry Christmas! :)

- by kellyetan

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