Friday, December 3, 2010

| R4ND0M | * New Blog Skin! :]

i've changed my blog skin btw!
not to mean blog skin lahh cause its really nothing special but just from darky black into brighty white!

used almost an hour something to modified my blog.
actually its not so randomly change but actually i've thought of it few months ago.
but just that never get the chance and the mood to modify it yet.
but now i am done!

if you think this is messy, i am sorry then.
but its not toooo bad lahh right?
dont ever hurt me.

but still the header thing i feel so not nice. ;(
i blog with my way, my style and my words.
perhaps a little bit rude or not respect?
but just my way lahh no offence kayy?

before that still my way but maybe not so real.
dont know why i am just too sudden.
forgive me kayy.

HAHAHAHAHA happy with this! Heheheh. ;D

and ohya!
i am sorry if you guys will refer back to my past post because it is light color until you cant see.
what you have to do is HIGHLIGHT it.
sorrrrrry for the inconvenient!

- by kellyetan

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