Wednesday, December 15, 2010

| 15122010 | * Singapore Trip Day 1 :]

out from house at around 3am midnight. headed to LCCT and makan at old town kopitiam. after that, checked in and wait until 6am and entered the plane. see the lights from up upon the sky, very nice view.

one hour flight and reached singapore at around 7am. walk walk walk and carry all the heavy stuffs all the way to the hotel. then sleep for few hours in hotel room. until 1 something afternoon, went tiantian chicken rice which is quite famous and delicious. after that, went orchard road and shopping at wisma atria. we bought watson's masks because its kinda cheap there; body shop shower gel and lotion as well, it's with the christmas packaging.

besides that, we planned to go bugis but it's kinda too late and we've got not enough time. then we took our dinner at food republic food court. i ate chicken rice again. x) then continue shopping and saw the cute show that yannie have at cotton on. wanna buy but plan to have a look at malaysia first. x) then, took photos at orchard road with the lights and christmas decorations. isnt much decorations and events like last year.

after that, went back to chinatown and eat abit things at the stalls. and we bought slippers for tomorrow's universal studio. after that, we took MRT and back to hotel again. :)
take shower, do mask and online at lobby. sleep at around 2am. x)

photos refer to here.

- by kellyetan

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