Thursday, December 16, 2010

| 16122010 | * Singapore Trip Day 2 :]

second day, had mix rice as our breakfast. went universal, spent around half day there. watch the production of movie, kinda scary and excited but nice. :) then play the cup that can make you feel dizzy. after that play roller coaster and so on. had quite alot of fun in universal studio. :)

finish playing all the things. and raining, we went to watch in the theater like high school musical thingy. after thatn rain stop and we went vivo city eat. i ate noodle soup. x) after that we went to night safari. watch show and sit the car to see the animals with near distance. after that, we took bus. at that moment, i was thinking why dont have women drive for the public buses but school buses there are women driver? then i dont know how am i related and think until very far. i was thinking, if my sense of direction is good enough, how nice right? i might can be school bus driver and earn kinda alot. o.O

stop dreaming! x.x took MRT back to chinatown and eat noodles and soup. then walk back to even eleven buy something, then back to hotel. everyone is tired even me too. after that, shower and sleep. good night world, missya. :)

photos refer to here.

- by kellyetan

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