Monday, December 6, 2010

| R4ND0M | * Missing Again :]

sorry guys.
always suddenly blog a lot and suddenly missing for long period time.

anyway, due to my ''busy-ness'' again.
i have to leave my blog for a couples of week.
because last 3 days i was working and i just came home and rushing packing my stuffs.
cause tomorrow im going to Melacca..!!
wootss!! this is my first trip outing with friends and overnight though.
IT guys and MassComm girls, have to feel proud yo!

Im going there for 3 days and 2 nights. so.... i will missing for a little while. heheheheheh.
after come back then blog?
aiyahh difficult lahh. x(
i have to go taining for the next job on friday to sunday the Pikom PC Fair.
and then after 2 more days i guess.
then have to pack another time to singapore!
i wonder what my sister plan.

i will enjoy my great holidays.
friends, you guys too alright?!

- by kellyetan