Tuesday, December 7, 2010

| 07122010 | * Malacca Trip Day 2 :]

Day 2, woke up at around 7am and saw KS outside dont know doing what. What comes in my mind was i got nothing to chat with him. Therefore i walked back to the room and continue sleep. LOL.

Woke up again at around i forget what time again. And had breakfast which is cooked by the boys group. Bread and hotdogs? x) After that, went Malacca Town, had cendol and went Mille Crepe to order cake cake. After that went to had Chicken Rice Ball. *yumyum* Continue by beach. Woots i love beach! ;D Had quite a lot of fun there, listen the the sound of sea and the waves. Feel so relax and comfortable.

After that, went somewhere and sit farry to go for a round to see the lights and the houses around. Following by Satay Celup. Lastly, went back hotel area to took some pictures. And celebrate Calvin's birthday!

With the accompanied by CHIVAS and JUICES. ;D
Had a great time with them and enjoy alots. Play MONOPOLI until around 4am. Looks like few of the guys drunk. Dancing and shaking their ass around. Seems out of their mind. ;p
4am, we went to bed.
p/s: Chian did not join us alot because she's tired and headache and so, she went bed on 1am. ;p

- by kellye tan

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