Saturday, December 25, 2010

| 25122010 | * Merry Christmas! :]

it's christmas today! quite alot of people today. i mean everywhere :) so we are kinda busy today, not very. but at leaste better than yesterday :)

we are in white today. i mean the 6 of us. we are exclude the 17 girls. LOL. but that's not important. nothing special today. i wear a small mini christmas cap today. captured few pictures with jasmine but she said she cant found the photos. T.T sad case. i kinda love those photos. huhu but its okay. forget about it.

today i work with quite a angry mood. =/ because of something which i dont feel like telling :( whatever, anyhow, alex told us that our salary for today is 150! woots. i expect only 100. but 150! not bad nahh. ;D

after work, went asia cafe to have dinner and snowflakes. met ronald as well. we miss him alot. LOL. our dailou. long time no see yahh? i see him few days ago. HAHA. i mean they long time didnt meet him. only few days i also damn missing him already. missing him badly badly bad badly. LOL.

after that, sent them home as usual and i went home too.

Merry Christmas everyone! :)

- say ueeeee~

- merry christmas! :)

- by kellyetan

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