Wednesday, December 22, 2010

| 22122010 | * Happy Winter Solstice Festival! :]

im here wishing everyone Happy Winter Solstice Festival.

i believe most of the family members gather together have dinner and eat tangyuan right?
but this not included me. =/
but its alright.
i used to it, ishh.

didnt have any food today.
i had potato chips and orange juice as my breakfast and lunch today.
sounds pity?

today i feel kinda lonely. perhaps everyone is eating tangyuan.
facebook status, twitter and blogs.
everyone blog about dinner, tangyuan.
awww so nice. (:

cleaned up some part of my room today.
and my other stuffs.
and my sister came back and she told me we will eat maggie for our dinner and im okay with it but its kinda disappointed. ):

but kakak came in and told me to drink soup.
it's cucumber soup.
hot and warm and i feel better. (:

* picture credit from google image *

- by kellyetan

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