Wednesday, December 29, 2010

| 29122010 | * I Watch Scary Movie! x)

woke up at around 11am. shower and get ready and wait for puiyi's baba come and pick me up. i got no car to use today because mami wanna use, puiyi also. LOL. her busy baba sent us to sunway pyramid with speeding speed. LOL. because he was in rush. i am so scare! T.T

after that, we went cinema to buy movie tickets. the cinema were so crowded! a lot of people today! OH MY! but we still manage to bought tickets. we watch Vampire Warriors which is a cantonese movie. people who know me well know that i dont watch scary movie, this movie i saw the trailer is like.. macam funny movie i guess. so i plan to watch this.

went popular book store to buy my schedule book and pens. cant manage to help my mum to get her stuffs because of the service of popular. LOL. went sakae sushi to makan as well and met up yilin dear because i forget to bring my jacket out. so i text her to bring for me because i knew she will go there with her friends :)

after makan, went movie. the movie is kinda.. scary? LOL. maybe not very but still. a little bit of joke but not very funny. overall is talking about vampire. of course lahh its a vampire movie wud. LOL. i mean, i dont know i feel this movie is a little bit lame. =x ratings for this movie will be 2.5/5 stars.

LOL. we also went to eat new zealand ice cream cause i never eat before. i love to eat ice cream sometimes, depends on my mood. ;D

we also went everywhere to hunt for shoe. show for work and shoe for college. i saw few shoe i wanted to buy! ishhh but i only buy few, i have to control! ><" so i already bought 1 pair of high white shoe for working. puiyi wanna get one the same one but too bad only have last pair and its display set :( she gave it to me because she said there are still another pair and she can get that. but end up that pair also dont have her size. ishh :(

after walk walk walk, her baba called and pick us up around 9.20pm. sent me home. thanks uncle! tmr i will be picking your daughter back, no worries. xD

Next month's today,
I wish.

- by kellyetan

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