Friday, August 13, 2010

My Today *\\13.08.2010//*

late for class and no place sit.
sorry dear chian.

but still i manage to listen what lecturer is teaching cause luckily the classroom is small and today the lecturer's sound can reach my place.

after this class,
we've got 4 hour break.
at first,
we went to pasar to eat our lunch,
mix rice.
after that,
we went AC pool.
long time didnt pool already.
i dont know how to play already also.

we didnt play pool since few months ago,
because of the short semester.

after pool,
we still got 2 hours something!
then lastly we went Empire shopping mall!
but guess what?
not really nice to walk larr,
i was wondering why everyone said there very nice to walk.
but we feel like kinda normal.

but we enjoy a lot in toy R us.
i recall back when i was a child,
what i used to play.
yeahh seriously i miss my childhood.

we went to eat at laoyou guigui,
porridge and yam balls!
then we left and go for classes.

- toy R us!

- dear chian.

- this is hangyilin loves? xD

- carrot! =D

- masak masak. xD

- carrot!

- see the sapo chian. xD

- us, with loves! =)

- special toilets? xD

- mum mum time! =D

friendship, forever. =)

- by kellyetan

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Zacc said...

i wanna get that white patung!!!!! where can get???!!!!!