Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Today *\\29.08.2010//*

woke up blur blur and went lunch with the workers for that day the electric fair in Puchong.
had great fun there,
the very first time drink 3 cups of red wine.
learning, processing.

know what?
in the small room,
2 tables,
already drink 6 bottles of red wine, 5 jug of Tiger beer and 1 bottle of wine.

but still,
we enjoy and had fun,
and took a lot of photos.

after that,
came home and rest for a while,
baba taught me drive.
i tell you ahhhh,
you guys cant sit my car,
i drive damn fast and dont know how to control every every everything.
even my staring and my turning,
very fast.
my baba scare,
i more scare.

after that,
the driving center people called me,
so i drove there to get my P license,
and then drove back home again.
all the way long,
around an hour.
very scary!

when i got down from the car,
my leg is shaking one weih,

i really dont know how to control and dont know how to see the car from left and right even behind.
quite of sad one nor.

but i will gayao!!
daring abit!
bang then bang.
*touch wood*

Happy Birthday JiaChie!

- by kellyetan

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