Friday, August 27, 2010

My Today *\\27.08.2010//*

one thing,
puiyi drove me to sunway pyramid,
i quickly put safety belt.

she is kinda...
aggressive of driving.
im scare you know?

alright back to the diary.
went pyramid,
pepper lunch with puiyi.
then met up teckseang and jeeseng.
after that wenhui and puiyi's cousin sister.

the purpose we hang out today is to celebrate puiyi's belated birthday which is yesterday.

went movies PCK at 2.45pm,
amanda came and join us half way.
after that,
went sakae to fill their stomach full.
i didnt eat because im full.

deong break time and eating beside sakae.
so i met him up for a little while.
after that i back to sakae already.
then they paid and we leave to walking around.
plan some surprises.
and know what?
we celebrate the surprise in the car park.
what the?
but special right?

it's who's idea?
teckseang or jeeseng i think.
ohh and yeah,
before that we went pool also.
kinda smelly,
i hardly can breathe.

okayyy so after the celebrations in the car park,
everyone hot enough and we went in pyramid buy drinks and sitting together and eat the cake.
after that,
puiyi's cousin sister leave and we all guys and girls hanging around.
took sticker photo as well.

too bad seehui sick and couldnt join us.
whatever couldnt have a group photo again!
how sad.
i damn disappointed.
cause i was full expectation that she might come today.
hope we have chance again.

after photos,
we all leave.
wenhui wait his sister come and pick her up.
we all,
puiyi, teckseang, jeeseng and me,
went puchong's papa rich and had dinner aka YC.
around 11 something,
jeeseng sent us home.

- birthday girl. :)

- you have to pull the candle out. =p

- eating cake session. =D

- the whatever, extra wenhui and not extra seehui. =p

whatever; forever,
love you guys lots!

- by kellyetan

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Maxloon120 said...

Haha, hide the cake inside the car..what a good idea! :P