Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Today *\\17.08.2010//*

went subang early,
do some revision alone in tastebuds.
after that,
went KFC with the girls- chian, yilin and huibin.
kinda enjoy,
i'm happy too.
how long we never spend time all together to eat?
this semester we seldom have break time tho.

class as usual.
only a little bit no mood while raining.
you guys know,
i dislike rain so so much.

after class then,
bii came and fetch me to sunway pyramid.
yilin also followed because her mami didnt fetch her.
but only for a little while,
then she left already.

buy movie tickets,
the same movie as i watched before.
but i want to watch with bii again.
he never know that i watch before.
ngeks ngeks.
but at last he know.

i really feel so so sweet and comfortable while watching with bii,
laying on bii's shoulder.
i feel so warm.
i feel so so nice and i am wondering,
how long i didnt hug him and how long i didnt watch movie with him.
anyway i love today!

before movie,
we went sakae sushi and eat.
always sakae sushi already.
but yeahh i always went there when i was secondary also.

after movie then,
have a little walk,
then bii sent me home.
bii also come in house to borrow movie again.
other than that,
some sweet talks also.

while bii leaving,
i really dont feel like open door for him.
i bu sher der.

dont forget,
next week the movie,
you promised me.

- dear chian.

- chian and huibin.

- yilin and me.

- chicken and me. =p

- he always so cute. :)

loveyou forever.
forget take picture!
you noob didnt ask me take photos.

- by kellyetan

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