Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Today *\\01.09.2010//*

morning driving to college,
well my leg was shaking all the time,
perhaps i still lack of confident.
and i nearly bang a motorcyclist,
just because of i turning too fast,
okay i admit i am very nervous.
but still thanks God i reached college safely.

advertising's class still boring and not understand as usual.
after that marketing's class yawning as usual.
after class then,
went Jojo with the girls and discuss moral assignments.
brought laptop and everything thought to staying back till late at night studying in college areas but end up im very sleepy and i slept late yesterday night and woke up early this morning,
so i got no energy left to do the extra revision.

called my mum and she came and picked me up around 1 something.
reached home and nap at around 3:30pm,
straight till 9 something at night.
a lot of phone calls and text messages but they could not wake me up.
perhaps im very tired.

and tomorrow,
there's only one class and the only an hour moral class,
the "so-called useless class",
so i skipped for tomorrow,
i rather stay at home.
to do my own study perhaps?
and yeahh,
finally my email could get the news updates about Nuffnang.
at first i did not get any email inform about new updates,
now i got it!
and yeahh,
know what,
i am having the mood to join the Vaseline contest.
give me some time,
i will try to make a free time to blog about the thingy.

i feel like 24 hours in a day is not enough for me.
even i am still in holiday mood right now.
what's with the advertising individual assignments?
i got no idea at all.
bless me peeps!

what goes around comes around,
i knew i hurt-ed you,
i knew i will got it back.
still so, i am sorry.

- by kellyetan

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