Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Today *\\18.09.2010//*

what i did today?
one whole day,
staying at home.
mami ask me to accompany grandmother,
and dont know why,
i dont really feel like online.
so i was in living room for most of the day,
sit there and accompany grandmother watch drama together.

besides that,
jasmine came to my house chatting with me also.
we both feel boring.
and because of a sudden feeling that i wanna eat donut,
puiyi came my house,
and guide me the road,
we went IOI together and buy donut back home and eat.

after a few hours,
puiyi left.
then few more hours,
jasmine left also.
boring at home.
watch movie.
other than that,
what else can i do?

pack room?
see the room,
30% of the things that is not mine already blocking the way,
if i move them somewhere else,
the place must be rubbish bin.
if want me to pack,
pack it together.

until now i still feel boring.

- by kellyetan

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