Friday, September 3, 2010

My Today *\\03.09.2010//*

college as usual.
and 4 hours break because of the lecturer class moved to next two weeks.
we spent 1 hour for discussing the group assignment with hauneng they all.
and another 3 hours we went sunway pyramid to find present for joyi.
other than that,
we went there eat mum mum as well nar of course.

end up we bought a pair of dinner type earing and a bracelets for joyi's birthday.
after that,
around 2.15pm,
we left and back to college for class again.
well the class.
web development,
today the whole day i was like learn nothing.
and yeahh,
today i was whole day unhappy also.
but well,
who cares lar.
i also feel boring of this kind of feelings.

then class end,
stay at college until 7pm only mami come and fetch me.
because traffic jam.
then went pasar malam to buy some veges and foods home.
tired day.

- by kellyetan

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