Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Today *\\16.09.2010//*

no class today.
it's public holiday.
but still,
i went nearby college area to do my assignment,
because tomorrow is the due date and i havent touch at all.

first time so naughty,
i was spending one week to hanging out around with friends.
damn myself.

but still luckily i already got idea in my mind and i can faster finish up.
i went there with puiyi and teckseang,
and yilin and JJ join me in last minute time also.
JJ even come to my house and ask me borrow him my kitchen,
he wanna take photos.

but guess what?
end up he's doing photographer and he lend my brother's DSLR for the assignment.
after that,
do assignment in my house and puiyi watch movie.
around 7 something,
guide JJ the road back and sent puiyi home,
then im home too.

- by kellyetan

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