Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Today *\\15.09.2010//*

had breakfast with my baba in asia cafe.

after that,
went class as usual.
sleep for 2 hours during marketing class,
this is the first time im sleeping in class for this semester,
i am very tired,
forgive me okieeee?

class end,
me and chian went study room to finish up our web development assignment.
and finally,
we handed in the assignment.
feeling nice.

after that,
went sunway pyramid together with yilin as well.
then chian went out with her sister and me and yilin went to the restaurant to keep the cake in the fridge.
and then the IT gang came and we sit in the restaurant named Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.
frankly speaking,
i dont like the food there.
but no choice,
it's the place that can celebrate birthday.
it's acceptable.

after that,
lek sent me home.
thankiew lek.

then rest for a little while,
my phone rang and joseph ask me where am i.
he wanted to ask me go out to klang eat bakuteh.
ohh ya and also i-city.
i was thinking for a few moment,
even i ask my sister for opinion.
my sister answer me = didnt answer me.

i very tired,
but i feel like joining them.
end up,
i joined them.
went to klang,
we spent around 45 minutes to klang.
cause we dont know the road.
thanks chian to guide us through the phone.
they even said you're human GPS,
and wonder can you tell out how many km more to turn here and turn there.

we reached qi xiang.
eat there and after that,
went i-city,
spent a lot of time on the way going also.

heard leong said that joseph spent around RM20 something for toll today.
and i remember they said,
in sarawak,
there got no toll,
so joseph come back this time wanna pay toll untill he happy.

reached i-city,
went there see the lights and took a lot of photos of course.
it is crowded,
a lot of people.
perhaps it's still Hari Raya?

then then then,
next round,
asia cafe.
went there yamcha and chit chat there.

after for a moment,
we left and in the car way going home,
i start missing joseph.
believe he's down too.

well but i believe the next time we see him will be very very soon.
blink eye,
then he's appear again.

- Happy Birthday Lam and Yaw! :)

- Fei and Lam.

- Andrew.

- KS and Yilin.

- Chian and KS.

- What's going on? :)

- Chian. :)

- Card that made by me. :)

- Qi xiang bakuteh at klang. ;)

- Jasmine and Joseph.

- Joseph like this photo very much. :p

- i-city.

- i like this photo! xDD

- Joseph and Leong.

- Me, Jasmine and Sha. :)

- Group photo, many more haven't been upload yet. :)

Take good care of yourself Shy,
we miss you,
and we love you too.
- by kellyetan

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