Monday, September 13, 2010

My Today *\\13.09.2010//*

marketing test and well,
i just simply write something in cause i didnt study.
just write what is in my mind.

today my mode is sleepy and blur.
so i was like,
whatever mode.

after that,
moral class postponed.
but still i stay in the class do nothing,
owh yeahh,
i did online and chat in MSN with mua sister.

then went snowflakes to met joseph, aisha and jasmine again.
never know i will see them today.
and went sunway pyramid for movie.
going the distance.
i watch again.

it's okieeee,
it's a funny movie.

and after that,
joseph sent me home.
and thanks for the movie and sending me home.
take care alright?
hope to see you soon,
take care dude.

alright back to the topic,
once im home,
i take 2 hours nap because as i said,
i was blur and sleepy.
after i woke up and sms with deong for little while,
then dinner, online.

and know what?
i am so freaking missing you right now.
i miss you so so so so much.
what happened to me?
actually i've been thinking a lot of question these days,
but i keep it to myself.
and i dont know what's the answer.
i really miss you so much.
and i would say,
i love you.

credits picture from 'the touch of love'.

- by kellyetan

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