Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Could you guys give comment about me?
i was thinking to cut my hair because of the inconvenient,
but some people said that not to cut it better.

But for some other people they said they prefer me with a little bit short hair style.
I dont know what to do and I got no idea,
could you guys give me some idea and comment about it?




comment please.

- by kellyetan


roffe said...

Hi..I prefer long hair.. Greetings from Norway.

Tet said...

you know what, we have the same hair style, the octopus cut. and I'm loving it like super, hehe, so if I were you, I would have just enjoy first my long hair for this month then after that decide if what you want to do after cherishing your hair in a month :)

Sarah Lee said...


HenRy LeE ® said...

OMG! Ur 1st pic... the eye balls like wanna popped out! @.@

Ronnie said...

I prefer long hair too....

Jason Deong said...

long long long =)

Arr chiaN said...

hhahah, for me i oso will choose long hair! rmb the 1st time u bluetooth ur 1st photo to my phone tat time? i told u i like it!

Katak said...

long long long!!

kellye tan said...

@roffe- hey, thanks. but long hair look so messy. :(

@Tet- hahaha, so many people ask me stay it long. look so messy!

@Sarah Lee- awww, long? sure? :(

@Henry Lee- Hahah, yeahh eye big mahh, jealous me ah? xDD

@Ronnie- Owhhh, long hair? messy and mafan. :(

@Deong- i know you always prefer long. xD

@Chian- Huhu, but really so messy and mafan ner. :(

@Katak- Huhu, sure long mehhh? :(

-JayLeo™- said...


Everlyn said...

I tried all hairstyles...U shud try at least u wont regret mah...
Even u cut short, it stil can long...
If u hv long hair, u can cut all kinds of hair, up 2 u =D
I used 2 hv long hair, tis yr cut jor..Love it =D
Even a lot of guys said long hair better, but stil most of them said short better xD

Ryan said...

Definitely long