Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Today *\\07.09.2010//*

went shopping with puiyi today.
from 11am walk till 10.30pm,
meaning from they open the shop walk until the close the shop.
we are tiring.

we plan to shopping and make it by today of a very sudden.
anyway we spent a lot today.
around RM300.
i bought 2 bags, 2 shirts, 1 dress, 1 pair of shoes, 1 belt, 3 masks and many more.

- in fitting room. =p

- the bag that i loved it with my first sight.

- the second bag i bought.

- my dress!

- not a very high heel shoe. =p

- belt.

- sasa's mask.

- what we bought.

- what she bought.

- what i bought.

- closing. ><"

- happy shopping!

and some more,
1 more high heels i wish to buy but its over my budget!
it's now in my desire list.
know how much it cost?
RM 109.90.
4 inches tall!
very nice,
i love it so so much!
i wanna buy!!

- this is it, the 4 inches; my desire.

somehow i wish i can,
but somehow i could not.

- by kellyetan

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