Monday, September 6, 2010

My Today *\\06.09.2010//*

woke up late again today.
planned to wake at 11.30am,
but i wake at 2.30pm!
tonight i no need sleep again.

but still,
i manage to do something good today,
not fail at all.
at least i feel better and not sorry to myself.
i did marketing notes,
i did advertising notes,
i look at the assignments topic so that i got at least some idea in my mind.

tomorrow im going out again.
kellye arh kellye,
you are so naughty!
cannot like that okay?!
ish ish!

says good luck to me.

- by kellyetan

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Maxloon120 said...

The test list.. Ouch! U need this.. Good luck okie?^__^