Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Today *\\21.09.2010//*

woke up at around 10 something,
and went to OUG for breakfast.
after that of course we went to class.

after class then,
heavy rain and while waiting rain stop,
walk here and there spending time with chian.
then finally small rain and i decided to wait puiyi inside the car and it seems gonna stop,
and so i left and back myself.

traffic jam of course and when i'm in kuchai lama,
mami called and ask me to pick up sister at office.
and so i went office and pick her up then,
she asked me to pick up grandmother as well.
so i headed to OUG and pick grandmother.
then we straight go to cousin's house for lantern festival dinner.
traffic jam and im freaking tired.

after i finish my dinner,
around 10 minutes,
me and my sister left,
sister sent me home because they are gonna come my place to finish up the assignment today.
tomorrow is the due date.

so i went home and chian came.
then i went shower.
all of them came and we start to do assignment.
until midnight around 12 or 1am,
we went Old Town White Coffee to continue our assignment,
because staying in a house seems comfortable and feel like sleeping.

we stayed there until around 4am and we left home.
slowly one by one sleeping and following one by one wake up,
we take turns to do the assignment.
and JJ left as well.
i slept around 6 something am to 9 something am.
lack of rest, all of us.
im gonna show my panda eye tomorrow.

- by kellyetan

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