Thursday, July 19, 2012

| 19072012 | * A Day with ITMC.

1pm, met at Fei's house. Then we had our meal in Mc Donalds SS15 Subang Jaya. Together with YiLin, Yaw, WenHao, Fei, Andrew, YanSong and Lek. 245pm, we sempat to reach Pavilion for movie, we are almost late -.-"

630pm then, we had our dinner in Ichiban Boshi, starving! After dinner, 1015pm, yamcha in WongKok at First Subang. Then, 115am, liquor session in KS's house! Woots! Such a wonderful day, hahaha! WenHao helped me to upgrade my IPhone to IOS 5 because it is a must, or else I will be no Foursquare anymore T-T But he made my contact lost! Sad :'( But still, I am so thanks to his kindness for willing to help me out. Thanks :)

We drink drank drunk and also playing games and truth or dare until 4am, then we went home. Tiring! :D

Love, kell.

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