Tuesday, July 10, 2012

| 10072012 | * Happy Birthday Aldex!

First of all, happy birthday to Aldex Lim Kok Fei! Stay cute and lovely, you're a very nice friend to me, seriously.

We celebrate at night in Bibiwok Thai Cuisine in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Oww yeah! I dont have to go Subang this time, keke! Was planning to go Subang at first for korean food. Actually we've come out with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and a lot and a lot! But it's all fail LOL! So this is the confirm one.

So we celebrated Aldex's birthday there, together with Lek, WenHao, Andrew, Calvin and Yumimi. Enjoyed our meal there, then they continue to second round and I leave, back to grandmother's house to on call. Yeah, they said I'm pity, and I felt like disturbing my mood also, but I think.. It's okay, at least I got the chances to come out to have dinner with my awesome friends.

Once again, happy birthday aldex! :D

Love, kell.

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