Thursday, July 12, 2012

| 12072012 | * PWTC Work Day I.

Today, Imma work with Chian in PWTC, as a translator. Thanks to her, I've got the job and also the chance to work with the Taiwan people. It is a Malaysia International Food and Beverage Fair 2012. We reach there at 930am. Yet, this fair is not for outsiders, it is only for related business people. And know what? A lot of Korea food there! Woots! We both working for Taiwan food but different company, so we are in different booth but in the same hall.

6pm then, we've finish our work, left there and went to Happy Garden to visit my grandmother for a little while. Then, we went for dinner in Puchong Haha Xiu Pan Mee. Besides, we also met Calvin Loo at there. We went home then, take a shower and Calvin fetch us to Padi House Cafe yamcha with WenHao, Andrew and Nimesh.

- Our tags.

- Mua boyfee.

- His girlfee.

- The couple, HAHAHA!

- The fair.

- My booth.

- My meal.

- Dinner.

- Cake in Padi House Cafe.

Love, kell.

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