Tuesday, July 3, 2012

| 03072012 | * Itchy!

Hello! Do I look better? I'm sleeping quite well these days because my grandmother is getting better. She don't need oxygen tube and some of the time she didnt even use the clipping to monitor the heartbeat and oxygen, maybe I just have to look at her, look at her lungs is she breathing stable. Even she will tell me when she wants to pass urine, so the napkin is dry and don't have to keep on changing, every 2 hours. I just have to check on the napkin is it dry, and to make sure it is dry in the middle of night. So I'm actually quite free, but still have to stay here to monitor her. I've used to the timing, so I have no point to sleep also. Still, I sleep in day time. 

I slept from 810am until 330pm, nice sleep. I didnt even open my eyes for a second. satisfaction Had a great meal that cooked by auntie. 7pm, left and back to my home. Take bath and went IOI Mall with AiSha because I want to go for gaigai and buy some foods for me in ze midnight. After that, we went to pass up the Famine 30's form. Btw, who's going? We'll see you there! :)

Back to home and pack my things up, 1130pm, met PuiYi in Hailam Kopitiam in Subang because I'm starving. So we had our meal there, or you can known it as yamcha LOL! About 1220am, I left from there to my grandmother house :)

Ahh, I dont know what has bitten me, it's so itchy! In the past few weeks, my legs were a lot. And now starting with my left hand and shoulders. What is that?! :(

Love, kell.

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