Wednesday, August 3, 2011

| 03082011 | * Headache :(

its the third day of August. well, im still in holiday, free lika bird? :)

woke up at noon 12pm. had my lunch at home. then waiting for darren come and pick me up. uhh he's late :( around 140pm, finelly he reach. he changed car already but i dont know at all. from proton saga to honda city. wooo. and he has changed car since April but now baru i know. WTH. 

went sunway pyramid walk walk and chat chat talk talk, and also pool. around 5pm, we left and head to cheras. its traffic jam like hell you know, hell. 

around 6pm, we finally reached. but guess what? its raining. uhhh :( this is mua second time to cheras pasar malam weihh. can give me face enot? :( we're in car waiting until the rain stops. around 630pm, we got down from ze car. jalan jalan and half way it started rain again .___. no choice, continue walk. LOL.

9pm plus, we chat in car until like around 10pm plus, finally he let me got down from his car. because i've bad headache and feel like wanna vomit :(

home. chat with sixta for a little while. get shower and started to make birthday card for friend. damn headache weih :(

- this is what i saw in the pasar malam, nice name! heheh.

- long time didnt make card already D;

Thanks Kor ;)


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